Sweet On You: How’d You Like Them Apples - Apple Pie

Today we went apple picking down in Julian, CA @ Raven Hill Orchards. It was so much fun!! So many different kinds of apples to choose from and we were welcomed to eat as many as we wanted while we put some in our baskets to take home. Afterwards we came home and i was on a mission to bake my first apple pie ever! All day in the sun and a series of windy roads later… i was in a post punk mood. Baking pies can really get your aggression out especially since i dont have access to an electric mixer right now haha I also ended up adding more spices and zest just to give it an extra kick.

i used a recipe for pie crust off Pioneer Woman of course :) and worked from another recipe for old fashioned apple pie by my other favorite chef The Barefoot Contessa.

I added a few extra servings of cinnamon/nutmeg in the filling. The orange and lemon zest/juice really livened up the flavors and i added a teaspoon of vanilla just because it felt right. haha oh and i also added some crushed up pecans to the already sweet and earthy topping. It worked well with the oatmeal and brown sugar… when it was all done and smelling fantastic i added a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. heaveeeeeeen.

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